Auf meinen Blog veröffentliche ich diese zwei unbearbeitete Render Models direkt aus Zbrush.

Mouse Spot -contest speed work

PEPE & Penepole WIP

Zbrush Wip Monster for export in ID Tech 4 Engine.
Issue with Model (Ase Export) & Aninamtion (MD5 Export) for Maya LT

My Mappin Skill (Radian ID Tech 4) in doom 3 (HD absolution) Grafik Mod

I want to saying: Thank You for Playing Single Player Mods from Doom 3 & Quake 4
Many Thanks for have a Part contribute [id software] Radiant Level tools:

Like the Replays, Thanks!

GX Gaming - Doom 3 MOD JUNON 

My first Radiant Mod experiance was There: HELLGATE MOD FOR DOOM 3

GX Gaming - Doom 3 MOD - [Hellgate]

Quake 4 Mod Use Destruction

future we going friendly hand to Modding in Doom 3 Processing back to show new tension phobobic Level Coredores Shooter. Rework comes from my Monster Concept is back in Doom 3 Modding Id Tech Engine. Like my Doom 3 (HELLGATE) Mod, can be Faster & more Monster mass & Isolation with one Monster Horror animation anbd triggering for new death Trigger Animation_path to attack_animal.

Old works: Goblin - Explorers - Levietahn in Marmoset toolbar

 Zbrush+baken Textures

3D Model for Logo

Doom 3 Birdman new Zbrush

Siedler3 Metwinzerei work in progress for Game model

Hmc #47 - Warrios Of The Zodiac Mouse
Concept Challange society 2016, Mouse-Spot. Idea for it develops third person Team Campaign.
(Little Heroes in the Big World)


Explorers Dad


Thrush Challanges: a Concept a Spaceship design Competition



Beginning: Concept - Photoshop Photomontage                                                                                                      Inkscape draw

                          Basic Modeling in Alias MayaLT and export in Marmoset Engine: